Friday, January 25, 2008

To live and love or never love at all. . .

To be honest it had been almost exactly 2 years since I had a boyfriend when Steve and I got together. Yeah 2 years of me being me and accepting the fact that I am void of love and feeling. Okay, not completely true, but I had gotten used to being single. I have always had the habit of pushing people away and not wanting to deal with them, not a good choice, but I do it at times without even knowing. I don't really trust many people either. I guess it's youngest syndrome where everyone is against you. Its kind of weird having a bf again. I have been pushing away, but he's kind of sticking around. . . .funny eh? I owe him a lot and want him to stick around I'm just not used to this frame of mind of having someone outside of my family who actually cares about me. I just need to calm the fuck down and let life be life. It's hard though. I don't know, I'm going to visit him on the 14th, and we're already making plans for him to go to Gencon with us in August. If we're making plans that far ahead, yeah I think he'll still be around then too. He's a genuinely sweet guy. Amazing eh? I really love him and I just want my behavior to change, cause I REALLY value him.

Okay, enough of the boyfriend banter. Onto KNITTING! and spinning. . .
Lately I've been spinning up my fibers and my spinning is actually becoming more consistent. Below are two skeins I spun within the past week. The red, green and blue one I spun up last-night. it is superwash corriedale from Spunky Eclectic's fiber club. I love being part of the club because it gives e the opportunity of spinning with fibers I normally wouldn't spin with. The other one is superwash merino that I dyed a few weeks ago. Both around arounf 160 to 18 yards in light worsted weight.

Here's a close up:

Okay, sooo my brother finally asked me for a pair of socks, this is Alicia's boyfriend. You can see her socks on an older post. I don't trust most men with wool. Sorry, but no. So I went to Crazy Girl Yarn Shop today to pick up some lace needles and saw that they FINALLY got the Cascade Superwash 220 in! OMG, I pounced on it and grabbed 3 skeins of the navy blue for 2 pairs of guys socks. 1 pair for Mike, 1 for Steve. Blue is blue.

I also grabbed some yarn that was in the 50% off bin, funky scarf I would say or hat or something nice and warm to help with the weather here. Yeah, it snowed AGAIN today. . .

Almost done with the second "Half Blood prince" sock, which then means I can start a new pair!!!! Yes, life is good.


Janice said...

The spinning and knitting both look great!!! It's good to love and be loved!! Sounds like Steve is a good guy.

Unknown said...

Maybe It's with yours....but the blind leading the blind doesn't help. ha ha.

I hope you liked the "blurr" on it. I thought it was quite mean of me. he he he he he heeeeee hawwwww.
Suspense, suspense.

I think we should find some Iowans to do a Sat. or Sun night knit club...with baked goods of course. Food and knitting.

loveyourbag said...

The Half Blood Prince socks are looking good! I had no idea the yarn would stripe- guess I better knit mine up and see.
The handspun is great too, love the colors.

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