Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet Ailidh (pronounced A-LEE)

Yesterday around 11am I cast on another hat. I was trying to rework the sheddy hat into a design I really like. Well, I started knitting and just continued to knit the hat all day. I knit in class like I mentioned before and was just randomly knitting a design out while talking about great dead theatre visionaries. I was amazed at how quickly I knit this up. This morning I only had a little bit left to finish, soo I basically finished it up in lecture this morning.
Here is a finished picture of the hat. The pattern will be available as soon as I am able to write it down. Hope you guys like it. =)

Here's a pic before I went to bed last night of the hat in process.

Pattern: Ailidh
Needles: US 8 16" circular
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool
Cast on: Jan. 29
Cast off: Jan. 30

Also, this morning on my way to lecture I wiped on my moped on a busy street in Iowa City. OW! Must have hit a piece of ice I didn't see. I completely smashed my left mirror, and scraped my left knee and right elbow. I amazingly went to class. Hahaha I'm dedicated. My elbow doesn't hurt much anymore, but there is a stiffness in my left armpit as I type. i hope that goes away soon. =/


Anna said...

Look at you, being so cute in that fabulous new hat!!! I love the pattern. I think I'd like to knit one myself!

I hope you're feeling better after that nasty spill. Falls off wheeled items never stop being scary. It gives you a good excuse to stay in and knit, no? :)

Unknown said...

What the hell possessed you to ride a MOPED in winter?
Cold+Ice=recipe for disaster.

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