Sunday, July 1, 2007

One Sock down, one half way and Chicago. . . .

The first of my Sockapalooza socks is done. Below are pics of my mom, who is MUCH closer to my pal's foot size "modeling" it for me. Interesting poses she chose. The second sock is to the heel already. The pattern knits up really fats and I love how it looks in this semi-solid colour.

I'm from an hour west of Chicago and wanted to go to the Shedd Aquarium while my sister & I were still in town. Sooooo Saturday we headed over to the windy city and had an awesome time. The only thing that sucked was the Brewers lost to the Cubs. I HATE the Cubs. . . .White Sox fan here. . . . .oh shut up. Anyways, it was a gorgeous day!!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the breeze was wonderful. Below are pics of the skyline, my dad and I and my sister. My mom also went, but she was camera shy that day (and my sister has most of the ones of her on her camera. . .) damn her.


Chelsea said...

The sock looks great. I have been meaning to go to The Shedd Aquarium.

Unknown said...

They do look good. :) Tell your mom that she should get paid to model her foot for you. lol. j/k

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