Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the Finished Socks. . .

I went and saw Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix yesterday with my mom & sister. I couldn't take my eyes off Gary Oldman. Granted I've always had a thing for that man, but he is PERFECT as Sirius Black! I think the girl who played Luna was perfect also. The plot was cut up and they kept out very important moments. . . . .but they always do that when they take a book and make it into a film. Ahhh Gary, love that man! Rowling HAD BETTER BRING SIRIUS BACK IF SHE WANTS TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!! I don't think he's dead. . . .neither does my sister. It's just weird how he "died."

I also finished my mountain colors socks. Below is the pic. The colourway is "Fire Storm." I love how the colours turned out, striping and all. Yay 3 pairs done for Summer of Socks!

I have also started my "Sex Kitten" socks for Melissa. She's a punky type girl, so they're perfect. The colours are coming out great and so are the stripes. Weee!!!! What do you think?

I'm seeing HP again Saturday when my dad can go. =) Can't wait to see it again. I'll probably see it about 6 more times. . . . hehehehe. . . . also I'm going to start the Nutrisystem next week and try to lose the weight again. Wish me luck! I will give updates. =)


LotusKnits said...

Oh your yarn is knitting up so pretty! Congrats!!

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

I'm going to see it tonight at the Danish premiere... can't wait!!!
The yarn looks lovely!

Chelsea said...

I hope I get to see HP soon. Honestly I am more excited about the book.

Unknown said...

I'm suppposed to go tonight. I can't wait! I'm sure they cut out most of the good stuff... i mean, 2 hours & 18 minutes! Honestly! Starwars & Lord of the Rings is watched by all ages even by it's lengthiness. *sigh*

Anyways, the sock colorway turned out great. Just don't get too... um, promiscuous at school while wearing them. lol. "These are my sex socks."
Every girl needs a good pair of sexy socks.... like one good peice of (black) loungerie. Unfortunately, i've got nada. lol. Bash me again for being weird, but you know i'm right.

Chelsea said...


Anonymous said...

So sorry that I missed you on the roster!

I'll be updating the site tomorrow during the day (cause it's a good excuse to not do what I should be doing at work!), and I'll let you know when it is corrected.

Thanks a million for your patience!!!

Go Giants!!!

Andi said...

Saw HP also this weekend. I'm sure Sirius will be back. Did you get the part where Hagrid just took off? and where is his brother? GL on the WL. I went back to Nutrisystem 3 weeks ago. Lost 6 pounds so far. (Although was bad this weekend with the icecream). P.s. Akron U is good school. Cool your Dad went there too. Go Zips!

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