Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring and the Old Man is Snoring?

Okay, no old man. . . but damn did it pour this morning. About a week ago boy and I went and visited The Fold after we went to Woodfield Mall. Of course, Toni is a doll and I adore her. I bought some Mountain Colours fiber, two "hanks" of it. The colours are GORGEOUS!!! I'm already spinning one of them, hence the reason I'm only showing you one. Unfortunately none of the hanks are named colours and you can't buy the same colour in two hanks. Only crappy part.

Here is this month's fiber from Spunky Eclectic. It's called Rosebud. It's beautiful. For some reason I have 12 ounces instead of 8. I need to email Amy about it. But I still love it. It is corriedale wool.

I also purchased a skein of STR's Knitters without borders. It only comes in lightweight though. Blah! Toni also gave me a skein of Lucy in the Sky because one of my Raven skeins was full of knots.

Here's a random picture of all the meds I take in the morning. I'm 22 people. . . .and yes, one is a vitamin.

I purchased a new camera last night and love it! It takes better pictures than my old one. My old camera got the crap beat out of it at Disney. Here is a picture of a funky tree in my "backyard."

OH YES and DAMN the Post Office for raising package shipment to $4.80!!!!


Unknown said...

Well...it would be half that amount if it were first class (*caugh, caugh*)

I got your yarn today. Thanks. I'm glad it's a semi-solid. It works with what I had in mind, actually..and I was also hoping for green too. Looks good.

Thanks for the soft rovings. They did proove to be useful. The Lanchester rovings I got from the Fair last year is really really rough...so this is a really soft treat. :)

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