Friday, March 7, 2008

Damn, it's already March

It's only 1 more week of classes and then SPRING BREAK!! My parents, sister and I are going to Steamboat, Colorado to go skiing, should be fun. I love being in the mountains. I believe we're renting a condo for the week while out there. Yay!! I think everyone needs a break from this semester, it's been long and winter is even longer. I LOVE winter, but the ice is getting to me. I have been knitting, amazingly, I forget when I started this hat but finished it last week and thought I would show you.
This was a great stash buster. It is made from some yarn Jo Ann Sensations Dolcetto I picked up last year and some left over Malabrigo. I have enough for mittens still, I believe in both colours. It will most likely fit a pre-teen or young teenager. I may send it to my cousin.

Inside stranding.

I am also working on another hat that I believe will fit me. Yeah ok so I didn't know stranding peices would be so tight, lesson learned. The other hat was knit with 80 stitches, this is 120. The dark veriagated green is Wollmeise Merino-Lammdochtwolle in Farn and the light green is Jo Ann Tesoro. This is also a stash buster because I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of the Jo Ann yarn I own, trust me, it's a lot. I believe I have 7 skeins or so of the Tesoro in this green. Yeah, a lot.

I hve also been thinking of knitting up a pair of thrummed mittens. I have the patterns from interweave knits and it would be such a great way to use up my left over (mind you left over means enough to basically make anything except a sweater or long scarf) Cascade Ecological Wool I used for the Ailidh hat. The fiber in the picture is some of the 7.38 or so ounces of Alpaca I bought while home in Rockford. The fiber is from a local alpaca farm and was really cheep and beautiful. I had to buy. I am going to be working on the hat pattern during my holiday, so hopefully will have that out soon also.

I thought I would end this with a picture of tired Mac. He and I are about to go take a nap, except he's already beaten me while sitting here. He's currently passed out on the floor. I am ging to go see a university production of "The Piano Lesson" by August Wilson. It is a three hour play. . . .better to take a nap and NOT fall asleep during it I would imagine.

PS, Yes I am sad that Brett Favre has retired, he's a great player and will be greatly missed. Hopefully because of this development, the Packers will not suck this coming season.
And Boy socks have been put on hold while I go through my continuing hat phase. . .


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