Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post Spring Break

My parents, sister and I headed out to Steamboat, Colorado for spring break. It was gorgeous! There was one slight problem tho, and it actually turned out to be a rather big problem. My ski boots didn't fit anymore. I bought them junior or senior year of high school and now they don't fit. Well, I have wide feet and wear a size 11 shoe, so this was tricky. I ended up buying a pair of guys boots, but hey they fit my feet and skis so no biggie. Below are some pics from our vacation.
Here is down at the ski resort.

Random while driving.

Sun setting after our sleigh ride.

Halfway up the mountain. My dad and sister are both wearing hats I knit. =P The one my dad is wearing is actually mine hahahaha.

I've lived in Illinois for most of my life and have gone to O'Hare way too many times to count but I have NEVER seen them place down cots for people to sleep on. My dad and I had to take pics it was so funny!

While we were there it was Purim and something possessed us into making Hamantashens. They were damn good though!

Yes, I bought yarn while out there. The brown is a mystery yarn I got at a book store, but the girl claimed it was wool. I think it maybe burly spun by Cascade. The green sock yarn is Araucania and the blue is Cascade 220 Superwash.

The baby blanket I had in my projects pile for almost a year has been frogged and became the below. I figure I'll try to knit up a blanket when Steve and I have a kid, but right now I'm not really in the mood and lack the drive. =P

I also purchased some red Cascade 220 Superwash and some needles and knit my mom a hat. I actually finished it tonight but most of it was knit while sitting at the airport in Steamboat praying we get home. I am also not feeling great so I thought a semi-scary/semi-funny pic would work best.

Below is the top of the hat.

And here is Mac enjoying the warm/cool weather of March.


Karen S said...

Looks like it was a wonderful break though ;-)
Ohh, and nice hat!

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