Monday, March 31, 2008

Ahh Spring. . .

I was walking Mac earlier today when my eye caught something on the ground in front of the house enxt to my apartment building. I had to look a little closer to see if I was right. Yep, I was. Flowers from bulbs are already coming up here and to think a little over 2 weeks ago the ground was still covered with snow. Amazing. . .

Spring = Benadryl. Enough said.

I am addicted to knitting hats/beanies, I get it ok? They are easy to drag with me where ever I go and they're fast and useful. Sorry it's such a crime.

This is what I get fir feeding, walking, playing, etc with Mac. A cute adorable "innocent" pair of brown eyes staring up at me while his head is resting on my leg. Yeah, it's sick how cute he is. =P


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