Friday, February 22, 2008

I adore Claudia

I have finally knit something using colour work. Yep, 2 strands at one time. i know it's a simple pattern, but it was still a big step for me. The hat is for Boy's sister Kate, no idea if it will fi. I may knit about one (considering I have enough yarn) and send this one to my cousin Jackie. Here's the outside:

And the inside:

Everyone in the knitting world knows who Claudia of Wollmeise is. She and I have had two yarn swaps since August. The first time she sent me sock yarn and this time she sent me her worsted weight yarn. I have a huge love of Malabrigo, so this yarn is heavenly! She sent me 3 colours: Farn, Rittersporn, and am kaltan Polar. They are gorgeous!!!


Janice said...

The hat looks great!! You did a great job! The inside looks so tidy. I am EXTREMELY jealous of your yarn swaps with Claudia!!!!!!! Lucky you! I have some Wollmeise in my stash and it is like gold. I would love to feel her worsted weight. I'll get to meet her at the Spring Fling in April. I'm looking forward to that!

Andi said...

Fabulous job on the hat. Love those colors.

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