Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!

It took the University of Iowa until 9:15 this morning to cancel classes!!!! 9:15!!!!!

Below are pictures of our lovely snow, oh and we're supposed to get 6 to 10 more inches by 6pm tonight. Lovely eh?

Mac is 19 inches tall from his shoulders to his paws, not a tiny dog. He swims/bouncing around in the snow. Thats how tall it is. Beautiful eh?

Today is a day to work on homework, knit, drink coffee, play World of Warcraft and watch movies. . . .ahhh snow days. . .

Oh yes, almost forgot. On Monday I went to the post office and my car battery died. I had to wait over an hour for a jump. Then yesterday i went to get a new battery and the one Sears had is a little too tall, but is secure and should fit. Only the plastic cover doesn't fit and the guys told me it shouldn't make a difference. Yay. . . also if I have trouble within the next few days to take it to the dealer. Ew, too bad I won't be driving today. heh


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