Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shut up shut up shut up!

Yes, the apartment is clean!!!!!!!!!!! I spent most of the day today finishing up. I even screwed up my knee in the process. I have no idea what I did, but I'm going to try pain killers and a heating pad tonight. It hurts!! Mac came to me when I hurt it and kissed me and hugged me to make me feel better. He's such a sweetheart.

This was it earlier today, that was actually a lot cleaner than it was, yes very sad. So the question is: why did you clean it? Three reasons:
2. Boy is allergic to mac, so it helps with his allergies
3. Inspection tomorrow

To be honest, mainly 3 as sad as that sounds. =/ sorry boy. . .

I also knit something! Yesterday I started the birthday cowl in some Malabrigo that had been sitting in my stash for about 2 years, yeah. . .I finished sewing the edge this morning, gave it a nice hot bath and laid it out on my CLEAN table to dry. Key word there: CLEAN.

Tuesday Mac and I went up to see Boy in Cedar Falls to return some stuff he left over the weekend. he always leaves something, while cleaning I kept finding his socks everywhere. . . *cough* yeah. It was also Rosh Hashanah and I took the day off, not that I'm religious or anything. Ha Ha! Before we left, I forced Boy to go get his handknit socks and model them for me. He politely lifted his jeans up without even being asked and stood there freezing as I snapped the picture. He is definitely being well trained. =)

I am also working on another pair of dummy socks. These are Silkie Socks That Rock in Scottish Highlands. Gotta love the picture of my hot spiced milk with chocolate syrup in it while outside Java House. I LOVE hot spiced milk, unfortunately they took it off the menu and you have to special order it. *sigh* I'm also loving this cooler weather. It's wonderful to wear a hoodie outside and feel the crisp air on your face. Yes, I love fall, leave me alone!

Ok, off to put the heating pad on my knee and work on my mittens. I have also taken my dad's socks out of hibernation, well they're in my backpack right now, but I drag them to class! That counts right?
Also, applauding Sarah Palin tonight, she kicked ass! Yes, I'm a Republican, not a crime. . .I also hate the Cubs. . . not a crime to be a White Sox fan. . . =P


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