Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First week is over. . .

It was actually a pretty calm and easy first week of classes. The only big problem is that I have 2 finals on the same day at the same time, we're working on that though. So this weekend was Labor Day weekend and I went up on Friday to pick up boy. He goes to University of Northern iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It's an adorable small campus with nice buildings. it's easy to get around and has a population of 12,000. Not bad. It also has over 120 majors, that the great part for boy.
Now onto yarn for a few sentences. LoL. Last Wednesday I caught the Loopy Wollmeise update and purchased 13 skeins, yes, 13 skeins.5 of which have new homes and 8 that are so far staying with me. Fun fun.

The weekend went by at an even pace and yesterday boy had to go back to school. So sad. But I do get to see him this weekend because I'm dragging him to Rockford to go to our apple orchard. He's never been to one, so I'm dragging him. LoL. We also had great weather, which helped. While we were heading up there I worked on my groovy sock (I'm starting the second one today). I adore Wendee's yarn and her semi-solids. They look great with everything.

Oh and I forced boy to drive because I drove there and back when I picked him up. I also wanted to knit hahaha.


Karen S said...

Sounds like school is not too bad! I'm hoping that you get that nasty exam mix up sorted, or at least get hold of a true HP time turner ;)

Nice yarn haul! And very good of you to get Boy to drive, since of course you deserved to knit!

sara said...

Love the yarn! Beautiful colors.

I went to Edward's over the weekend. They've done a great job rebuilding. The barn has been completely rebuilt, but it definitely has the vibes of the previous one. It's a great blending of keeping the character of the old place and improving the space. Have fun.

Angela said...

13 skeins. 13 skeins?! That's amazing. (I have one skein, and am currently searching out The Perfect Pattern. I'm thinking Pomatomus.)

Although still very much in the newborn stage, the Orc Warchief Clapotis has received many compliments. I'm hoping two skeins will do it. If not, I'll be ringing your doorbell...

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