Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wow, I'm 23. . .

Yep, I'm getting up there. Anyways, this past weekend I picked up Boy and we went to my parents house in Rockford. On Saturday, the main reason we went, was to go to my local apple orchard. In January it was hit by a tornado and the buildings were leveled. So over the past 8 months the orchard cleaned up the area and rebuild almost everything. Yeah, that's dedication. They have award winning cider and apple donuts ( HEAVEN!!). They also have kickass fudge and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It's a tradition in my family to go every year and it was fantastic to go after such a devastating storm. Below are some pictures of the main barn outside and in. I also did a crap load of homework while home, yeah great fun *gag*. Oh well, thats what college is for.

That beautiful chocolate boy below is having surgery today on his left hind leg. He has a torn acl and has been limping since the spring. My mom and the vets wanted to wait until fall to do the surgery so he heals better in the cooler weather. Talking about cooler weather, yeah fall is here!!! Btw, his name is Indie (Indiana Jones).

And of course my family, boy and I celebrated my birthday with an awesome dinner of a roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and of course cake. My mom ordered the cake from mary's market, our friends own it and they used to have awesome cakes. Well, this cake had more frosting than cake. it was rather disgusting, not my mom's fault and I told her that, but just ew. I love sweets but frosting gets to me after a while and it was just too much. I asked her to get a chocolate cake and instead we got a frosting dome with some chocolate cake inside. yeah. . . .

Then Sunday Boy and I headed back to Iowa. We went on 20 coming and going, which is a beautiful drive I might add, because I wanted to cut some time off of dropping him back off at UNi in Cedar Falls. It cut off an hour, which made me happy. Below is a picture of Mac's crazy flying fur when the windows were open.

I also frogged the blue socks in the previous post because there were mistakes that were annoying me and also because I need some dummy (plains stockinette) socks to work on in class. Brainless knitting projects in class help quite a bit.

Also, sock club packages will go out this Saturday and there will be a shop update on Sunday.
Oh and HA HA to Tom Brady for getting injured at the beginning of the season and out for the rest of it. HA HA!


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