Monday, August 25, 2008

And Classes Begin. . .

Today was the first day of classes. Yay, my fifth year. Yes, I said my fifth year. I am finishing up my run crew and working on a certificate in arts management/entrepreneurship. I came back yesterday instead of this morning. Waking up at 6 am would have killed me. =/ But, it meant that I had to leave Stitches early.
Talking about Stitches Midwest, below are two pictures of The Fold's booth. The first shows my yarn display, right in the front! And the second shows the rest of the booth and the STR before we were mobbed repeatedly.

Awesome Toni helping a customer.

This was the damage from the first day. We're not even going to go there. I was better this year though. I bought somethings I actually needed and also thought of what i could knit out of some yarns before grabbing them. yes, good Liz.

This was my greatest achievement, it is Malabrigo Sock Yarn!!! Yes, they were giving out samples to Ravelry members and you had to request it. Isn't it gorgeous? It's like heaven in a skein. 440 yards of superwash goodness!

I was also working on this sock part of the weekend, along with my dad's sock. The pattern for this is Groovy Sock by SockPixie and the yarn is Hazel Knits in Beach Glass. I also finished my Raptor's Tower socks, but the picture isn't uploaded yet. =/

Boy also started classes today and so far, so good. His roommate is apparently nice, which is fantastic. I'm just glad he's back in college and determined to finish this time. I get to see him this weekend!!! We're going to celebrate my birthday. Hopefully *crossing fingers* I'll get him for Thanksgiving, we'll see.
Also, there will be a huge destash soon, so stay tuned!


janna said...

Hey, I fondled your yarn while I was standing around at the Fold's booth!

Angela said...

I fondled, I purchased, and now I'm Clapotising! (The colors are making me insanely happy. I'll post photos as soon as I show impressive progress!)

WingedStrategos said...

All that yarn looks so tempting. It's a shame I won't be able to go to Stitches when the Southeast version happens.

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