Monday, August 18, 2008

Less Than a Week to Stitches. . .

I was at Gencon, a gaming convention in Indianapolis, over this past weekend. I would have taken pictures if my camera were charged. . . oops? Anyways, before we went I finished dying up and skeining all of the yarn I will be taking to Stitches Midwest. There are about 120 something skeins. You can see some of my new colourways on the top. I really hope you guys like them. =)

While at Gencon, I walked around and knit most of the time. I got pretty far on my Raptor's Tower socks and started my sister's second sock. The cabling is basically done, except for one mistake that needs to be fixed.

The main draw for me at Gencon are the vendors, especially the artists. Jen and I walked around and found these awesome prints of "My Little Demons." I was and still am a My Little Pony's child and LOVED them!! I bought one for my sister for part of her Hannukah gift and these two pictured are mine. I couldn't resist LoL.

We also found a LYS in Indianapolis which was more like an unorganized warehouse than a LYS. It had tons of yarn, but the organization was horrible! It was messy and yarn was everywhere, sticking out of things and piled in laundry baskets, etc. I still bought some sock yarns and a skein of Malabrigo Chunky, which I have never tried before. There is also a skein of Aussie Sock ($12 for 400 yards!!!), a skein of Misti Alpaca sock yarn and 2 skeins of Regia Bamboo.

Last night I finally cast on my dad's socks for Hannukah. I'm farther than I thought I'd be for gifts. It'
it'll be nice to have them finished and knit for myself again, even though I have been knitting some for myself.

The sock club is definately going to happen and I hope everyone signs up. It'll be better than the last one with awesome new colourways, patterns (by the great and awesome Karen). There will also be great goodies included!
Boy and I both start classes next week, oh goodie. Hopefully I'll see him next weekend because I REALLY miss him. =/ Well, at least now we'll only be 1 1/2 hours apart instead of halfway across the country from eachother.


Karen S said...

heh heh heh, thanks a lot for that introduction! Just wanted to comment on that wonderful yarn picture at the top... it made my mouth water with its sheer gorgeousness!!! Good luck at the stitches and with starting school again!

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