Saturday, December 22, 2007

Boys, snow, sick boys, and more snow. . .

Sooooo my bf Steve is here until the 3rd and everything was great until he suddenly got sick yesterday. Just my luck eh? Have a sick boy with me when a blizzard goes through Iowa and everything is gorgeous, blah blah blah. =P Nah, we're still having fun doing stuff like catching up on movies he didn't get to see, etc.
I dragged him to see P.S. I Love You, a book I fell in love with long ago when it first came out. Gerry Butler is hot as usual, I'm not sure I like Hillary Swank in the role of Holly tho, oh well.
OH and SWEENY TODD ISN'T PLAYING IN IOWA CITY!!!!!!!! WTF??????????????? oh yeah, upset!!!! Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone an update.

The sock club has been sent out and should be to it's recipients soon. I am making up a new box for my Harry Potter swap partner, damn the mail. The socks aren't HP colours tho. I hope you still like them, knitting the fastest pair I know. =P I hpe to have that in the mail right after Christmas.
Umm and yeah, I'm ALIVE!!! amazing. . .

and the bf has requested fingerless gloves with the fingers cut off, get what I mean? Yeah, never done fingers before. . . .this should be interesting. . . heh started them tonight while watching "Knocked Up." Great film hehehehe. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Oh and contest announcement will be right after Christmas also.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahhh Gotta Love Iowa Weather & Free Yarn!

Soooo the weather has been crazy here in Iowa lately. First we had an ice storm, I lost power for 3 hours, then we had a snow storm, which was pretty and THEN today it rained and the university only canceled afternoon and evening classes. That pissed me off because it's harder to get somewhere in the morning when nothing is cleared. Whatever grrrr. . .

I'm not too sad because some of my STR came in the mail the other day. Yay! I bought 5 skeins for me and one for a dear friend who's birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Anna!!! Three of the skeins are from the Raven Clan while the others are Grinchy and 1 I'm too lazy to look at the name of. . .

I am also going to be putting up some more yarn on my etsy shop. Below are two pics of "Diabolical Christmas" and "Judah Mac'abe." These are the Woodland Sock yarn which is a superwash bamboo/merino/nylon blend. These will be going up soon.

Below is yet another pair of socks I'm working on. These are for my sister's bf, Mike. The colourway is my own "Half Blod Prince" on size US2's with 64 stitches. I like how it is coming out so far.

Talking about boys. . . .my boy is coming to visit me for 2 weeks on the 18th. I am sooooooo excited!!!! I have to knit him a hat before he gets here, oy. Luckily I picked up a skein of Encore bulky in light blue, soooo it'll be a fast knit. =)


Yeah, so I bought more yarn obviously and I'm not knitting it fast enough. So, we have free yarn to give away! Each set has enough yarn for 4 pairs of socks! Here is the question (the best 2 win the yarn) Tell me the most romantic day you have ever had with a significant other. Goodluck! <3 Please place this on your blogs also, place the name of where you saw this contest in your comment also. Thanks!


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