Friday, March 30, 2007

I pulled a Yarn Harlot! & a Tragic Day. . . =(

So, I work at Disney World, right? I work costuming for the parades that go through the Magic Kingdom. I decided to go to see the parade I have been working on for a month now today on my day off. The only reason I got today off was because I'm on modified duty do to injuries and pain from costumes on the Day Parade. I am on modified duty until next Friday. This also means I have time to knit. . .FINALLY! I started my friend Melissa's Jelly Bean socks today. It is the sock in the pictures. I thought I would take my knitting with me to the Magic Kingdom & do a Yarn Harlot with it. =)
Below you can see Cinderella's Castle, Minnie & Goofy. Yay!

It's a tragic day because lastnight I found out that one of my dear friends wo plays a character was in a car accident on Sunday. Earl flipped his Jeep 3 times & broke 2 vertebrae in his neck. They had to put 2 pins in & last we heard he was still in the ICU. =( He never deserved this. He is the sweetest person! I have posted a picture of the two of us below:


Unknown said...

Just stopping by.
Dude, the sock thing was hilarious. Nice setting. It really looks like something Stephanie would take a pic of.

Did you just discover the "yarn harlot?" You're going all Stephanie all of a sudden.

If you haven't read the book "yarn harlot," do so... it's frudgin' hilarious!! I have the book if you wanna borrow it.

Unknown said...

oh, and since you did "3" I guess i'll add u to the list.

I see the two best blogs are LAST on your list. I hope that's intentional, right? Me and my brother always said, "save the best for last." ;)

Unknown said...

Cool. yeah, i took a vitamin yesterday... and should again today.

Help me come up with a good april 1st joke for Joe! I can't think of anything.

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