Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been an interesting week for me. I have gotten most of my homework and projects done, only a few left to finish. I also went to the gastroenterologist to figure out what's wrong with me. The doctor believes that it is IBS, but to make sure it's not IBD, I have to have a colonoscopy. . . yeah I shouldn't need one until I'm 50. . . I'm getting it done at the beginning of January. Tomorrow however I will be getting a lactose intolerance test done at 7am. . . joy. Gotta love this ugh. . .

I hope you guys are having a great holiday!! <3


Karen S said...

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!
What a trial you are going through healthwise. I hope at least that you are given some answers and can use the knowledge to get better!
Thinking of you!

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